Replying to Ads

Classified adverts and online auctions differ in the way you contact the seller.

For classified ads you can send a message to the seller by clicking the 'contact seller' button on each listing. Alternatively some sellers may have chosen to show their telephone number on the listing. Click the 'reveal phone number' button to see this.

Online auctions will only supply contact details of the seller to the person who has won the auction. If you win an auction you will be sent a message informing you of the winning bid. The seller will also be sent a message to tell them who won. It is then up to the seller and buyer to agree to the details of transfer of payment and the item.

It is important to note that Quidverts does not take any part in the fulfillment of the transaction once the auction has been won. We provide the method for the seller and winning bidder to get in contact with each other. This is in much the same way as a classified listing with the auction being a mechanism for the seller to have a price for the item set.